Episode 10 - The Nun


The Nun Cocktail: The Hail Mary

Honestly, we could have done with nun of this.

the nun, despite being part of the otherwise pretty good conjuring franchise, blew major holy water (or blood of christ, if you will). so what made this movie so damn bad? we give our take on this latest record-breaking horror flick and pair it with a valak-repelling cocktail.

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the hail mary

(from publix.com)


1 1/2 oz Dry Fly Bourbon 101

2 small sprigs fresh rosemary

1 lemon, for juice

1/3 oz maple syrup


Rub 1 rosemary sprig between hands to release flavor. Fill cocktail shaker with ice; add the rubbed rosemary and remaining ingredients. Save the un-rubbed rosemary sprig for garnish. Shake well and serve over ice. Then pray for your everlasting soul.

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