Episode 11 - A Simple Favor


The A Simple Favor Cocktail: Gin Martini

plot holes, mom vlogs, and a missing undershirt.

a simple favor, starring blake lively and anna kendrick, could not for the life of itself decide what the hell it was. was it a comedy? a thriller? a really expensive way to showcase ryan reynold’s gin company?

luckily for us, the one thing that did go right about this movie was the explicit instructions on how to make the perfect martini.

listen to episode 11 here.

the perfect martini


3 oz Aviation gin
1/2 oz vermouth
lemon twist, for garnish


Freeze the Aviation gin and chill the martini glass for at least an hour. Swirl 1/2 oz vermouth in the glass, then dump on the floor for someone else to take care of. Pour frozen gin into glass until glass is 2/3 full. Cut a wide twist of lemon, fold peel, skin facing out. Squeeze onto martini surface, then dab around rim.

Don’t add ice. Ever.

Julia York