Episode 13 - The Predator

the predator 2018 cocktail

The Predator Cocktail: Pisco Sour

Get ready for this reboot from space (hell?) that absolutely no one needed and yet, here we are.

We're talking an entire cast of totally underutilized actors, plot holes featuring dogs, and some discussion about how fugly the Predator is. Plus, a cocktail inspired by lasers. Yep.

listen to episode 13 Here.

This week’s recipe comes from the fine folks at Geeks Who Eat. We’ve never met them, but they’re probably cool.

the predator cocktail: pisco sour


2 oz Pisco
1 oz lime juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
1 egg white
3 drops Angostura bitters


Combine all ingredients in a shaker without ice, shake. Add ice and shake again. Double strain into glass and garnish with bitters in the 3 dot pattern of The Predator’s laser.